Patient Testimonial

  • Kunti Devi I am Mrs Kunti's been about 3 years since I got operated for my hip fracture by Dr Jayant...I am fine and moving pain free... God bless Dr Jayant..

    -Kunti Devi
  • Firdaus I am Firdaus and I am very thankful to Dr Jayant for performing a wonderful surgery on my foot.

  • Nikhil Manan Hi I am nikhil manan. I had an ACL tear in my knee. I had a very satisfactory experience under the treatment of Dr Jayant not only during the surgery but also all through out my rehab. I thank him for his sincere efforts and wish him all the best.

    -Nikhil Manan
  • Mrs Lajja Sharma My name is Mrs Lajja Sharma. I had a neglected fracture of my left wrist. I thank Dr. jayant for a wonderful painless surgical experience and return to normal work within weeks of surgery.

    -Mrs Lajja Sharma
  • Mrs seema I am Mrs seema 57 yr female. It is been 8 months since I got operated by Dr. jayant for my fracture near left knee. I am very happy to be back to normal lifestyle. Thanks to Dr. jayant

    -Mrs seema
  • Mr J.N Mittal I am Mr JN Mittal and I am 100 yr old. I sustained a hip fracture and was bed ridden. I thank Dr jayant for performing a successful hip replacement for me and giving me a new life at this age.I wish him all the best .

    -Mr J.N Mittal
  • Pradeep Bhandari My name is Mr Pradeep Bhandari and I am 45 year old. I had sustained a very bad fracture of my knèe for which I had 3 failed surgeries and still unable to bend my knèe and walk . I thank God and Dr jayant for doing a wonderful surgery for my knèe. Now I am able to walk without support and bend my knees to perform my daily activities comfortably.

    -Pradeep Bhandari
  • Bimla Devi My name Is BIMLA DEVI and I want to thank Dr jayant for doing a successful total knee replacement on both my knees . I am happy and enjoying a painfree active life.

    -Bimla Devi
  • Amit kumar Myself Amit kumar, 19 years old. I am up and about after suffering from a severe segmental fracture of my left leg. Thanks Dr jayant kumar

    -Amit kumar
  • Mrs. Sunita I had a ankle fracture with ligament injury . I was operated by Dr Jayant and now I am up and about. Thank you so much sir!

    -Mrs. Sunita
  • Mr. Shahadat Ali Dr. Jayant did my surgery on my left shoulder were I lost my hope to regain my strength. Sir I am back again.

    -Mr. Shahadat Ali
  • Mr. Ram Sahay I had a complex fracture of my leg. I was operated by Dr Jayant for the same and today its been more than a year and I am back to active work.

    -Mr. Ram Sahay
  • Mr. Sunil Singh I had fractures of both arm bones with nerve injury in one arm. I was totally helpness and not able to move my hands. I thank Dr. Jayant for excellent surgery and ensuring a successful return to my demanding lifestyle.

    -Mr. Sunil Singh
  • Mr. Ramjeet Verma I had a fracture of my Hip and three failed surgeries done in the past before I met Dr. Jayant. I was not able to walk and wheel chair bound. Dr. Jayant did a successful Revision Total Hip Replacement and gave me new independent life.I am very thankful to him.

    -Mr. Ramjeet Verma
  • Mr. Sachidanand I had a failed fracture fixation surgery for Hip. Dr. Jayant did a hemi replacement surgery for my failed Hip surgery and now I am back to my normal active life. Thank you doctor Dr. Jayant.

    -Mr. Sachidanand
  • Mrs. Asha Pant I had a fracture of my Hip bone. I thank Dr Jayant for doing a total Hip replacement surgery for me which allowed me to lead a normal life at this age.

    -Mrs. Asha Pant
  • Mr. B D Sharma I was operated for osteomyelitis of my amputated stump by Dr. Jayant. I am very thankful to him for my new ambulatory and active life.

    -Mr. B D Sharma

Dr. Jayant Kumar Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy & Sports Injuries, Trauma Care

Dr. Jayant Kumar is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon based in South Delhi. He has an experience of 10 years in orthpedic surgery in india and abroad. His special interest is in the fields of Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy and Sports Injury and Management of Complex Trauma. He is attched to hopitals like Indian Spinal Injuries Center New Delhi, PSRI Hospital New Delhi, Aryan Hospital Gurgoan. He has his own private clinic as Nirvan Super Speciality Clinic Flat L8-A Phase-2, Sheikh Sarai New Delhi.

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